Hearing Aid Range

On the Ear

One of the most popular styles of hearing aid available. They are small and discreet and come in a range of designs and colours. They are an ideal choice for the first time wearer as this style gives a more natural sound.

On the Ear

In the Canal

The most discreet hearing aids available, the hearing aid sits inside the ear canal, making it all but invisible.They use custom made moulds of the inside of your ear, making them extremely comfortable and secure.

In the canal

In the Ear

These custom made hearing aids sit in the shell of the ear. They are comfortable, discreet, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of hearing losses.

grundys-hearing-in the ear

Behind the ear

This type of hearing aids provide the most power and handle moderate to severe hearing losses with ease. They are even suitable for people with a profound hearing loss.

Behind the ear
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